Supply Chain Technology Future for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Data

Opportunity Overview

June 18, 2020; 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

This is a virtual event.

Per Association of Supply Chain Management, the presenter of this webinar:

Technology is changing the supply chain, and the new systems are network platforms that integrate physical and digital systems in artificial intelligence, data sciences, blockchain, autonomous vehicles and robotic process automation. The convergence of these technologies holds great promise.

This presentation describes:

  • Disruption in the supply chain and the primary patterns that are surfacing
  • How gaps in scaling and availability are hindered primarily in the areas of governance, integration and openness of the architectures, rather than the algorithms and design models.
  • How open source models integrate disparate proprietary databases, removing bias in models, organizing and cleaning data across multi-cloud platforms, and establishing open integration standards to bring together hybrid architectures.
  • The best practices in SCOR that provide a target where we can align measurable goals to the development of new processes and systems.



Opportunity Detail