Resource Allocation Strategies and Age in the COVID-19 Era

Opportunity Overview

May 6, 2020; 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

This is a virtual event.

Adding to the undeniable distress related to the unknowns centering around the coronavirus, is how to most effectively and equitably deal with resource allocation, especially when treating older patients. On May 6th, the American Geriatrics Society is holding a webinar on “Resource Allocation Strategies and Age in the COVID-19 Era.” Per the AGS:

This webinar will feature highlights from a soon-to-be released AGS position statement, “Resource Allocation Strategies and Age-Related Considerations in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond.” 
After reviewing existing frameworks, recommendations, and research, an expert panel of interprofessional experts, AGS leaders, and members of the AGS Ethics Committee developed seven principles aimed at helping health systems create strategies to allocate resources equitably when they remain in short supply. The recommendations reviewed on this webinar will defend a particular view of distributive justice that seeks to maximize clinical factors and de-emphasize or eliminate factors placing arbitrary, disproportionate weight on advanced age. These recommendations not only are intended for immediate implementation but also will be useful for post-pandemic reviews of existing frameworks and better approaches for the future.
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