Protecting Youth from Gangs on Social Media

Opportunity Overview

June 30, 2020; 2:00 – 3:30 pm EDT

This is a virtual event.

In past years, gang recruitment was an off-line endeavor, relying on word of mouth. Since the proliferation of Internet use, especially among youth, on various social media channels, community members, families, and law enforcement have had to contend with a more efficient strategy of disseminating gang recruitment information. This is often done subtly. Per the National Gang Center, “This webinar is intended for parents, educators, service providers, and law enforcement officers in communities impacted by gangs. Participants will learn how gangs use social media to recruit and carry out illegal activity; how to identify these threats; and how to apply knowledge and tools to protect youth. Participants will also be directed to references and resources that can be used to enhance social media safety programming.”



Opportunity Detail