Moving out: Military mobility in Europe

Opportunity Overview

April 23, 2020

This is a virtual event.

Per Atlantic Council, they are launching a “Task Force report called “Moving Out: A Comprehensive Assessment of European Military Mobility.” The report, co-chaired by former SACEUR General Curtis Scaparrotti and former US Ambassador Hungary Colleen Bell, comprehensively assesses current military mobility efforts by nations, NATO, and the EU; identifies gaps in existing progress; and provides actionable recommendations to reinvigorate and improve mobility for the short and long term. The report makes the case for greater action on military mobility across Europe and identifies areas the Task Force believes require greater attention.”

Additionally, “During this public event, the task force co-chairs will preview the report’s key findings and recommendations with brief remarks before a fireside chat to discuss the continued importance of military mobility in Europe with US Army Europe Commander General Christopher Cavoli and former Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Curtis Scaparrotti. This will be followed by a lively moderated conversation and audience Q&A with regional and military experts, who will discuss, debate, and share their perspectives on the way forward for military mobility in Europe.”


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