Identifying Innovative Technologies to Advance Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Opportunity Overview

June 2 2020; 9:00 am-4:15 pm EDT (Day 1 of 2 Day Workshop)

Per the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine:

The Committee to Identify Innovative Technologies to Advance Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has been tasked with identifying emerging technologies that have the potential to advance pharmaceutical quality and modernize manufacturing of products regulated by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the Food and Drug Administration. A workshop held in February 2020 explored innovations in manufacturing drug products and drug substances and advances in control and analytics that are on the horizon in the next 5-10 years in the pharmaceutical industry. This workshop will focus on technical and regulatory challenges associated with the innovations in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Leaders in the field will share their views on challenges associated with continuous, integrated, portable, and distributed manufacturing and other innovative technologies. A final session will delve into disruptive technologies and the barriers with implementing them in the current landscape. Please join us for a series of presentations, panel discussions, and audience engagement to share perspectives on technical and regulatory barriers to innovations in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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