Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era

Opportunity Overview

June 4, 2020; 3:00 pm-4:00 pm EDT

This is a virtual event.

The impacts of COVID-19 on organizations, including on institutes of higher education, have been severe. This webinar will assess the projected financial impacts of the crisis on universities and colleges, including projections regarding enrollment and housing need, and more. Per Moody’s:

As colleges develop plans for reopening campuses for fall of 2020, we will explore the outlook for enrollment, state funding, and other revenue streams as well as actions universities are taking in response to a dynamic environment. We will discuss which universities are best prepared to withstand a multi year period of volatility, as well as how the coronavirus could accelerate the transformation of the sector already underway.

Topics include:

  • Financial expectations for fiscal 2020
  • Enrollment and revenue prospects for fiscal 2021
  • Inherent sector strengths and challenges, which subsectors will face the greatest credit difficulties
  • Impact on individual security pledges and public-private partnerships
  • How coronavirus will accelerate sector transformation


  • Susan Fitzgerald, Associate Managing Director, Higher Education (Moderator)
  • Florence Zeman, Associate Managing Director, Housing
  • Dennis Gephardt, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer, Higher Education
  • Michael Osborn, Vice President – Senior Analyst, Higher Education
  • Patrick McCabe, Analyst, Higher Education


Opportunity Detail