Grief & Loss Webinar Series: Perinatal Loss

Opportunity Overview

October 6, 2020; 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm 

This is a virtual event.

Per the Indian Health Service, “Grief is a natural response to losing someone or something important. Everyone grieves differently. Development, culture, family, and other factors strongly influence how people experience, mourn, cope with, and heal from loss. This webinar will provide an overview of perinatal loss and grief, the lack of evidence based interventions and offer agreed upon clinical guidelines of care. Case examples will be used to illustrate perinatal loss and the unique impact upon each member of the family. Mixed evidence related to clinician recommendation of parents to see and hold their deceased baby will also be presented.”

The webinar will focus on the following learning objectives:

1. Detect symptoms of and interventions for perinatal loss and grief related to involuntary loss of pregnancy by miscarriage, stillbirth, selective reduction of pregnancy or loss of an infant through death.
2. Assess the unique responses of the mother, father, couple, and family to perinatal loss.
3. Examine the lack of evidence-based interventions targeting perinatal loss and grief, and employ agreed-upon clinical guidelines of care.


Martha J. “Molly” Faulkner, PhD, APRN, LCSW will be presenting this webinar.


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