Engaging Consumers in Your Brand Story

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June 16, 2020; 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm EDT

This is a virtual event.

The American Marketing Association of New Jersey will hold a webinar on how businesses can engage consumers beyond the confines of their products and services, but rather with compelling brand stories. Per the American Marketing Association of New Jersey:

Today’s consumers want more than a good product at a fair price. They also want to know what brands stand for. That means companies can no longer simply advertise their way into the hearts and minds of their consumers. They need to engage them with content that illustrates brand values, builds mindshare and helps consumers feel good about the brand.

Building these kinds of relationships is even more important today, as consumers confront the staggering financial and emotional pressures of the coronavirus crisis.

Johnson & Johnson has long been known as one of America’s most trusted and admired companies. But until recently, the company wasn’t doing much to engage consumers in its brand narrative. J&J is now becoming a great example of how to purposefully employ today’s technology to nurture relationships with consumers.

Carrie Sloan, VP and Leader of Johnson & Johnson’s Global Content Lab, will share her experiences founding a brand-new content marketing department, including insider tips you can use. She will present strategies for identifying and leveraging your best-performing stories, harnessing the power of SEO, and deploying the secret weapon that helped her double her budget in three years.

Joe Brennan, VP University Communications & Marketing at Montclair State University, and a member of the AMA New Jersey board, will host this live online session. Attendees will be invited to submit their questions.

Meet the featured speaker:

Carrie Sloan is VP, Leader of the Global Content Lab at Johnson & Johnson. She has worked on content marketing strategy for brands including Amazon, Fidelity, American Express and more. Before pivoting to help brands tell their stories, Carrie was an award-winning journalist whose stories have appeared in over 20 national magazines and newspapers, as well as in the AP and on the Today Show. She lives in Montclair, NJ with her husband and three children.

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