Beyond coronavirus: Technology’s role in building resilient health-care systems

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May 27, 2020; 11:00 am- 12:00 pm EDT

This is a virtual event.

The Economist is a publication that publishes highly researched and curated pieces on a number of disciplines and areas of interest including foreign affairs and international business, political economy, and technology.

Per The Economist:

That many health-care systems were not ready to handle the covid-19 pandemic is clear. But innovative uses of data-driven technologies have helped bridge long-standing gaps in global coordination and knowledge-sharing. Without cloud-based platforms to share data instantaneously, smartphones to help contact-trace, or machine learning and predictive analytics to support containment and research efforts, the impact of the outbreak could have been much worse.

As the world looks to rebuild in the aftermath of covid-19, policymakers should consider how to build more robust and resilient health-care systems using the technologies available to them. Could technologies such AI, machine learning and other emerging tools limit the intensity of the next global health emergency?

Upcoming Economist events will consider the following:

  • How can countries redesign and optimise their health-care systems to prepare for the next global emergency?

  • What role can technology play, and what are the drawbacks?

  • How can the private and public sectors collaborate to bridge technology gaps in public health systems?


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